News and Views Article on Meeting 1 June

Withiel Parish Council Meeting Wednesday 1st June

Four Councillors attended the June meeting of Withiel Parish Council with one member of the public who raised the question: “can a member of the public approach a councillor.  Is it against the code of conduct”?  A Councillor can help with process, but cannot offer a solution single-handily.  The advice given in last months News and Views report on the May meeting suggested that a councillor should be approached with a problem holds firm, but only the full Council can form a formal view on the issue.

Cornwall Councillor Mrs Jenny Cruse, our Cornwall Councillor whose presence at our meetings is much appreciated, raised the problem of CCTV coverage of Ruthern’s Bridge to protect it from recurring damage.  She explained that Cornwall Council does not support CCTV coverage in principle.  The cost of formal CCTV is also excessive.  While this may satisfy those who mend the bridge, it does not help those who are very influenced by protracted bridge closures. She also explained that enforcement of planning restrictions is on hold during the housing crisis and that a feasibility study of a scheme to restrict the passage of very large lorries through the village remains in the commissioning process.

Moving on, the annual accounts had been submitted to the Internal Auditor, and passed with only very minor observations, a credit to our Clerk.  In this case “internal” means an auditor selected (and paid for!) by the Parish Council.  Because our annual turnover is less than £25,000 we do not, as well, have to use a Government appointed external auditor.  However, we do have to follow the transparency regulations.  All this is explained on our new web site,, where the full minutes and the financial documents can be read.

Other matters discussed:

  • Councillor Ms Amelia Lake briefed us on community based actions being discussed by the Climate Change Group.
  • The Parish Council will sponsor a Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) training Session in October in the Village Hall. Details and dates in due course.
  • Councillor Rob Wilson attended a conference, Homes for Cornwall, which discussed the problems associated with homelessness in Cornwall. No clear policy emerged that would lead to a solution.
  • The signage of the Saints Way in the Parish north of Tregustic is being improved to stop walkers getting lost and putting themselves in danger.
  • Councillor Rob Wilson reported that Jubilee plants had been placed round the village to celebrate the Queens Platinum Jubilee, including planting Trees and wildflowers. Every one congratulated the Withiel Social Group, and hoped that the flowers could remain once the Jubilee had been celebrated.

Simon Coy